Known Sources to Investigate

As I said at the outset I am interested in gaining more information about Charles S. Hall. If you are aware of the locations of any more of his carvings, knowledge of his connection to the Daytona Beach Millwork Co. and St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Morvaia, NY, or are interested in sharing your comments regarding the Master Carver of the Roycroft please contact me. Those left to investigate and publisize are:
  1. Additional information regarding the tools found at the Elbert Hubbard Museum in East Aurora. (I have contacte the museum looking to any additional information they might have concerning Charles Hall's tools - like the name of the person who donated them to the museum. I have not heard back from them.)

  2. The Episcopal Church in Moravia New York.

  3. Possibly other churches in New York State (as told to me by the the secretary of the Moravia Church).

  4. Izaac Walton League - confirmation on the fish carving picture obtained from Charles' grandson. (I have contacted the Izaac Walton League however no one is aware of the carving.)

  5. Kitty Turgeon and Robert Rust for their personal knowledge of Charles Hall.

  6. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY for the "Plant Industry" building mentioned in the Buffalo Evening News article. I have contacted the Information Office at Cornell to see if I can get better pictures of this door.

  7. The Ornamental Products Company, of Detroit, MI. This company is no longer in existance however one of their old catalogs is available on the Internet Archive.

  8. Additional info from Hubbard Hill.

  9. Further information about his involvement with the Daytona Beach Millwork Company.

  10. Research the kidnapping that occurred when Charles was 7. (I have contacted the historical society in Prattsburg and the libraries in Prattsburg and surrounding towns but I have received no information back.)
Like most investigations and research projects one lead may develop into several others. For example—I had no knowledge of Charles Hall being in Daytona Beach, FL till I found his personal photo album. I had no knowledge of him carving in the Episcopal Church in Moravia, NY till I requested a copy of the Buffalo Evening News article, etc... If you have any info about Charles S. Hall, Master Carver of the Roycroft contact me at

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