A Short Introduction to Charles S. Hall and my Quest for Information

A page from Hall's photo album

Charles S. Hall was born in Prattsburgh, NY, was kidnapped as a child and was never reunited with his parents. He was forced to stay in an attic room and work on farms till his teens. Despite this became an accomplished wood carver with the talent of Grinling Gibbons. He came to the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY, in 1929, which was 14 years after Elbert Hubbard's death, and there accomplished much of his impressive work. The carving to the left is an example of the work that he did while at the Roycroft and is a page from his personal photo album, found at the Elbert Hubbard Museum in East Aurora, NY. He also carved the interior relief carvings at St. Matthews Episcopal Church in Moravia, NY and was commissioned to do carvings at Cornell in Ithaca, NY in 1930. Through research I have also found the he was a designer at the Daytona Beach Millwork Co. in Daytona Beach, FL in 1935.

The purpose of this web site is to inform others of his work and act as a repository for information that I have gathered about him. I am always interested in gaining more data about all of these places and their connection to Charles Hall. Please feel free to commment on this site or to send me any information that you might have concerning Charles S. Hall and his works of art. References used in this investigation are listed at the end of the site. But enough about my quest, let's begin...

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