Elbert Hubbard II and the Roycroft from 1915 to 1938

Elbert Hubbard II

Elbert Hubbard II, or Bert as he was called, had always been close to his father and, though he was first to admit that "there was only one Elbert Hubbard," he was the logical one to take over the helm of an organization that had been uniquely centered about one colorful man for twenty-one years. Bert Hubbard assumed leadership at a time when a fairly rapid series of marked changes in the American way of life were due to occur. Talk of a spreading world war and possible United States involvement in it held the attention of everyone. There followed, in quick succession, this country's involvement in World War I and the eras of the fast automobile, aviation and radio.

The Philosophy of Elbert Hubbard

These all tended to erode the interest of Americans in fine books and philosophical magazines of the nature that had built the Roycroft. Also, war-born expertise in mass production methods soon made serious inroads on the markets for the hand-made wares of the other Roycroft shops. Bert continued to publish magazines and books which were mostly collections of the writings of his father. He also brought additional artists to the Roycroft to expand the base of items produced. One of these artists was master wood carver Charles S. Hall.

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