The Half-Carved Chest Today

Front of half carved chest

I grew up in East Aurora, NY, just down South Grove Street from the Roycroft Campus. My father, Herman, was a friend of several of the Hubbard clan when we lived in East Aurora. He was asked, some time around the middle of the 1940's to assist in cleaning out one of the Roycroft storage buildings. Several pieces of the "before and after" chest were in the building and my dad, also having a fascination with wood carving, could not see throwing them out.

A work of art

I currently have the left end (uncarved), the front (1/2 carved) and the right end (fully carved) of this chest. Since the previous pictures were taken I have had the front board framed in a shadow-box arrangement and it is now hanging on a wall in our home—as a true piece of art. Adjacent to the carving, in a frame by itself, is an original copy of the Shadow Carving brochure open to the appropriate page—to provide "provenance" for all you "Antique Roadshow" fans.

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